How one Atlanta design firm works
smarter and keeps its clients happy

Braizen uses Minigroup to manage projects and collaborate and communicate with customers. We take a closer look inside their studio and their workflow.


One tight team, one team minigroup.

Braizen created an internal minigroup for the team to do everything from planning their year, to assigning design and writing tasks, to discussing their next blog post.

Team members get notified via email of new posts, comments, meeting requests, and task assignments. Alicja, the project manager, gets notified when tasks are completed. Everybody stays on-task and in the loop.

Side convos? No problem. Anyone can send private messages or share files with individuals or multiple individuals. Private means private.

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Clients get dedicated space —
and full attention.

“Telling potential clients that we use this tool called Minigroup, where we’ll keep in constant contact with them, definitely helps seal the deal,” says Tyrie, the copywriter at Braizen.

To the client, their minigroup is a dedicated space for them to see work-in-progress, give feedback, share ideas, and even accomplish tasks (like gathering content for a project).

To Braizen, activity in all their client minigroups can be tracked in one activity feed, where they can post deliverables and respond to multiple client needs.

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Every member can stay on-task
and focused.

Log into Minigroup and you’ll see what’s important to you. Tasks assigned to you appear in the sidebar. Click the Tasks tab to see everyone’s tasks.

This helps Ashley, the design director, get her own work done, while keeping up with everyone’s progress when she needs to.

Folders keep you focused. Ashley organizes her current client minigroups into a monthly folder, so she can keep track of all the activity in one place. She can easily move a minigroup into a new folder (say, January 2012) if the project continues.

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