So simple. So powerful.

Minigroup is the easiest way to keep the groups of people in your organization connected and on-task.

A better way to communicate and collaborate

Share and collaborate on thoughts, information, and keep a record of changes. Unlike email, Minigroup keeps your groups’ conversations clear, organized, and all in one place.


Share files with ease

Attach files up to 500MB in a post, message, or comment. Just drag and drop to share images, documents, or anything else that you want to share.


Tip: you can drag files from your computer to a post or comment window.


See and sort every file in a minigroup, using the Files tab.


Assign tasks and stay up-to-date with projects

Minigroup’s simple task lists let you assign to-dos to minigroup members, and reorder them if priorities change. You’ll be notified on the site and by email when they’re completed.


Set meetings and flag dates

Create events for your group or among individuals. Sync them to iCal or Google Calendar. Minigroup integrates seamlessly into your existing workflow.


Use Minigroup to serve your clients

You can use a minigroup as a dedicated client space. It’s a great way to present work, gather feedback, and keep in touch with stakeholders. And so simple, they already know how to use it.


Stay connected on the go

The Minigroup site looks and works great on your smartphone — no apps necessary. Post, comment, and stay up-to-date with your groups from anywhere.

30-day free trial
No credit card required

All this from just $5 a month

Minigroup combines a streamlined interface with up to 50GB storage, for the best business value around.